What is Ayurveda Mamma?

I am Deborah Rose: a mother, Ayurvedic Women’s Health Guide and Doula. Ayurveda Mamma is the extension of my work — and allows me to be *Your Self Care PA*. I am married to the luscious wisdom of Ayurveda, rooted in the Vedic Tradition. That means each dispatch honors your mind and your body. There will be lots of herbs, medicinal recipes, healing tea’s, nurturing oils, guided meditation and Rituals for the Waxing Phase of the Moon.

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Ayurvedic Doula /noun/ She who supports others through Wombhood’s seasonal changes.

Inspired by the ancient practices of Ayurveda - designed to mother the mother - it’s my sole purpose to help You look after You in the most sacred, holistic, grounded and tangible way possible.

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Ayurveda Mamma
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Ayurveda Mamma is dedicated to all (future) Mothers. I share these luscious self-care practices to help you navigate through Motherhood’s wilderness with *Hormonal Bliss* as we tap into Ayurveda’s holistic wisdom. 🌸 You’ve got this! And I am honored to walk alongside you…
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Prefer IRL experiences?

I love to connect! To explore my offerings, you’re welcome here. To learn more about my philosophy behind the offerings and your Guide (me), I’d love to welcome you here. For any quick/informal questions feel free to reply to my weekly e-mails, or drop me a DM at @deborahroseschoutema.

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For the Curious and Frequently Wandering (you’re like me, I see you 👁️).


I am not a Mother (yet). Can I still apply your rituals?

Motherhood starts with (and thrives on) nurturing the self. That makes you your own Mother too! Honestly, this realisation has been of key importance in my own Womb Healing Journey. Often times that also means we must heal the relationship with our (birth) Mother. How we relate to her and her care, affects how we care for ourselves, our families and our dreams. The rituals I share are created to bring you closer to your divine essence. Since you came from the Womb, this essence lays in the *Universal Womb*. Ayurveda relates to this as The Mother Consciousness. Hence, the practices I share with you will deepen your relationship with this Mother Consciousness and this will reflect in all parts of you:

  • The Cyclic Goddess in you: heal your Menstrual Cycle & Womb

  • The Manifesting Goddess in you: Nurture your Dreams

  • The Sensual Goddess in you: Relationships and Intimacy

  • The Life-Giving Goddess in you: Conscious Conceiving and Pregnancy

  • The Mother Goddess in you: Self Care and Motherhood

If these topics tickle your gut — Ayurveda Mamma is for you. I am honoured to walk alongside you as we embark on your journey with the self-healing arts of Ayurveda.


What does Ayurvedic Self Care look like?

The Ritual of Ayurveda helps you talk to your body. Its’ practical self-assessment tools - like reading your own tongue - help you understand what your body needs today whilst handing you the tools to respond to those needs!

Ayurveda works with the 5 senses and pairs these with the 5 elements to create the most experimental “be-in-your-beloved-body” response you could ever wish for:

👃🏽 Aroma Therapy for Smell (Earth)

👄 Herbs & Medicinal tea's for Taste (Water)

🖼️ Visualised meditation and Crystal Therapy for Sight (Fire)

💆🏽‍♀️ Self-Massage and choice of fabrics for Touch (Air)

🎶 Mantra, Affirmation and Frequencies for Sound (Space)


Why do you link Womb Healing with the Moon?

In Ayurveda’s anatomy, each organ holds and processes its own emotions. The Womb is very powerful, as she is the seat of your subconsciousness. Roadblocks that stand between our reality & how we want to feel, live and love often stream from past trauma (as little as you may think this trauma is) and manifest in hormonal fluctuations and women’s health concerns. It’s why I put the Pelvic Organs (Water Element) at the centre of every woman’s self-care. Stubborn, old patterns need significant new ones to be replaced. The new ones need to be consistent and frequent enough. Working with the Moon is such a good entry point to make that happen. Especially because the Moon Cycle resembles the ideal Menstrual Cycle.

You will also notice the best timing to do the ritual with each ritual, big or small. The womb centred approach should explain why some things are best to do in the Follicular Phase (led by the water element), whilst others are better in the Luteal Phase (led by the fire element) or during menstruation (led by the air element).

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I don't have a menstrual cycle. Is this Club for me?

Is your mind ever going around in circles? No wonder. Earth, your home, is cyclic. The Universe she's embedded in is even cyclic! With or without your period to mark a new phase in deep red, your body definitely knows all about cycles. You will simply do the “follicular phase” practices during the waxing moon (after the new moon), and the “luteal phase” practices during the waning moon (after full moon). I promise this will help you. A lot.

In my aim to guide you into your own self healing journey I work with one consistent method to my madness: each and every ritual builds on to one of the 5 senses, which automatically makes you work with one the 5 elements.

Over time you will recognise when 1 of the elements is raised in your body. Ayurveda Mamma's Space will then function as your journal: simply look up a practice from the past that you have experienced to ground, soothe and lift you up.


Deborah Rose
I help you connect with your *divine cyclic nature* by bringing the Ritual of Ayurveda to your Feed 🌺